Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Heat Wave Breaks!

After last night's crazy weather I didn't know what to expect. As I drove towards the train station to get Zach, the lightening felt like it was following me. It was pretty sinister- and I'm just happy when we woke this morning, our car was safe from falling trees & branches.

Luckily the mixer Zach went to for work last night (on a boat that drove around the Statue of Liberty) was short and sweet and hardly touched by bad weather.

Yesterday I finished my wholesale order and now I'm ready to mail it off once the post opens. I also finished my Hawaiian inspired tube dress. I got some more packing done as well and this morning I plan to continue. It is feeling a little bit like Tetris in our apartment, but I always rocked at that game anyhow!

I found my ideal baby carrier with the fabric I love too! I haven't purchased it yet- because I can't seem to find the sling in the exact fabric.

It seems likely a cute sling would sell out of either of these fabrics- because they kinda rock!

Last night I shared with Zach how much I miss Jasper (our big boy cat) not coming into the bedroom in the morning and waking me up by biting my hair or licking my forehead all things that actually annoy me when happening on a daily basis. But in their absence I thought I had missed. This morning is was as if cats do understand English! BRight & early & loud Jasper pranced into our room onto the bed! He hasn't done that in weeks... animals really do know and understand us I'm CONVINCED!!

I mean, look at him?! I took this with the photo booth option on our mac. Z says he looks like he's a late night blogger- which is perfect b/c all we talk about is what Jasper would write about, if indeed he had a blog. Z has gone so far to say he would start one for him.
Too much! Well have a great day & encourage your animals to blog today!!


MewPaperArts said...

Haha...we do the same kind of thing with our cat cooper! And you're right--they DO understand! Why has be been staying away? Not enough room with all the boxes? We even mentioned Cooper in our wedding love, honor, cherish, blah blah and always sing silly songs about the gray and white cat!

DeeJay said...

OMG! How fun would that be. There are lots of evenings where husband and I will sit on our back patio and watch the dogs. Sometimes I do the narration for what they are thinking about. Makes husband laugh. Especially if you add the doo-doo-doo for their steps as they cross the back yard.

Island Travel Girl said...

That carrier is AWESOME and I hope you track it down !!!!!!!!!!!

Island Travel Girl said...

That carrier is AWESOME and I hope you track it down !!!!!!!!!!!