Thursday, June 26, 2008


Well thanks to friends & family our Saturday move was seamless. The truck was backed up to our little apartment and a heavy stream of carriers came in & out with the fury. The apt. was packed with boxes to the ceiling in no time! Pizza was enjoyed then Z and I spent the rest of the weekend trying to put everything in place and organize the rest. The internet/tv/phone hookup didn't happen till yesterday and our new couches & comfy chair were delivered Sunday. Poor Z has hardly had a chance to relax- he's been going to the old apt. after work finalizing and still emptying. I cleaned the fridge at the old place and Lord is it clean! I was amazed at just how spotless I got it!

Of course now TNT is having a Law & Order Criminal Intent marathon- just in time for my viewing pleasure. I need to put some orders together and start some custom orders. I bought more of the one- seam sundress fabric and now turned Suzanne onto it to!

I don't even have photos to upload, since I can't find the camera cord.Just know I've started setting up my studio nook and a trip to Ikea is def. in my future. My little fabric package arrived as did my little Hobo girl plaque. Very exciting.

The cats seem to love the new space. Jasper on our bed (as usual) and Hermione going from window to window and sleeping on my craft table.

It may be a little early (17 weeks) but I am still trying to will the baby to move with my mind. I just can't even imagine what it feels like to have someone in my belly moving. " Get in My Belly"- okay sorry.

Saturday we have a wedding to attend- I'm just so excited for it. We'll see my sister-in-law & her family whom we haven't seen since our December- Hawaii trip.

I'm torn between two dresses, both Liz Lange maternity.
Here is a pic of one of them- the other is a sleeveless, coral sundress. I'll bring them both and ask my mother-in-law/bride-to-be & others.

Back to the sewing table.xo


Sew Bettie said...

I love the dress in the pic - so pretty and fun. Glad the move went well - that must be a relief!

melroska said...

i have that dress! i'm not pregnant, but I bought it as a kind of house dress for when it's super hot. It's really comfy and cute!

pollyanna cowgirl said...

A Law & Order marathon is the perfect welcome to a new home! Talk about instant comfort zone. :) Congrats!

Just A Stay At Home Mom said...

congrats on the smooth move! moving is always so hectic!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you did get me hooked on it! Whenever you want to go to Ikea let me know. I'd like to see whats new there plus I need to get my Kiehls!