Friday, June 6, 2008

The Packing Starts...

With our "technical" move in date being the 15th, yesterday I started packing my fabrics by color. I know Zach is a little overwhelmed by the boxes which have started to stack up. But when I think about our move in date as 1 week away I get a little nervous. There is still so much to do and so little time.

Saturday I'll see if I can trick Zach to go to Ikea, by tempting him with their cinnamon rolls. That way we can check out the three things we will be needing 1- a larger bed 2- a new couch and 3- a crib. I've looked at a lot of cribs and have found the Ikea ones just as versatile and less curvey which is what our nursery nook will need- clean lines.

With my sewing machine at the doctor I've been trying to keep busy and with my morning sickness returning- I'm still at a snails pace. My doctor said the cramps were normal and we listened to the baby's heart beat- which was really why I wanted to go- just to be sure. This weekend I am going to order a heart doppler-everyone I know who had one said it just added a sense of comfort which between doctor appointments, I could use. If you have any pregnant friends or want to become pregnant yourself, my husband found this podcast called Pregtastic. I'm really enjoying it. I did get the green light for 5pound free weights and prenatal yoga. So I'm on the market for a dvd to help with that. Another great thing about moving- we'll be on the ground floor with no one below, where now we are top floor and doing any kind of exercise is sort of out of the question- always afraid I'll fall through the ceiling ! Especially being pregnant!

Last night Zach met an old friend for coffee in the city and I decided to treat myself to dinner. So I went to Thai Garden, which is a new Thai place in Orangeburg a few towns over. when I arrived I was one of the only diners, when I was leaving it was packed! Decorated beautifully, the food was amazing. I wondered if I looked sad, sitting by myself- pregnant? I enjoyed every minute regardless- maybe next time I'll think ahead and bring a book.

Well have a good weekend- I think I need to go back to sleep!
Be well~

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Island Travel Girl said...
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Island Travel Girl said...

I had a typo, and when I tried to fix it, deleting was my only option - sorry !

Anyhoo, I wanted to tell you we loved our Ikea crib - the only bummer was that we got the Gulliver, and then couldn't use a skirt around the bottom so we could hide the area underneath that we were using for extra storage. So BE SURE the crib is compatible with one of those crib skirts, so you get the bonus storage for all things baby :)

LeaKarts said...

Those fabrics look like so much fun! Good luck with your move :)

Andrea Q said...

Lovely blog...thanks for visiting me at Flickr!

Loree said...

Ah, packing. Always fun. I think we might end up hitting Ikea tomorrow. Design Within Reach has a warehouse sale, so we're renting a truck to hit that, so... it only makes sense to go to Ikea while we have the truck, right?

Also--believe it or not--Rob and I are the proud owners of a new cat. You can see pics on my He was our next door neighbor's outdoor cat, and I fell in love with him. They had to move last week, and they were just going to take him to the pound and we couldn't have that! So we have a new family member. Rob's coping. He's going to start getting allergy shots next week.

Longest comment ever! And it really should have just been an email. Hope you have a fun weekend.