Friday, June 20, 2008

The Little Train That Could

That is how I am feeling this week. Just pushing myself up this endless hill of stuff to do.

1 more day till friends and family gather to help us move our belongings to yet another destination.Sometimes it can be embarassing- being known as the couple who moves every year. I'm sure friends of ours who own homes- wonder why we just can't get it together. But that is just it- we don't know where we want to end up. The way things are right now with real estate- I think both of us are happy to be renters. YES, I've heard all about the money we're waisting- but I like to think of it as a contract for not having to A- pay property taxes B- worry about fixing things (isn't that what the Super is for?)and a bunch of other things we're not quite ready to worry about. Of course I swoon and yearn to own my own property to do what I want- to paint the wall a gorgeous color of blueberry or coral- but for now I'll stick with the white walls and use blueberry and coral as accent colors on my pillows.Besides has anyone taken a look at the starting prices in NY? lol

Well enough with that rant! We were lucky to have our
Gia- Hottie Tee featured on Pop Elegantiarum a fun blog about handmade & pop culture cuties.

I picked up some more 1-seam tube dress fabric. It was %50 off, so of course I needed to indulge. I love how the first dress came out so this one I chose a navy blue with polka dots.

I'll leave you with my tummy~

More to come about our new place and my new sewing nook!


Marilyn (Pulp Sushi) said...

Ok I may have mentioned this already but my boyfriend and I have moved FOUR times in the last five years, can you beat that? Our current place is a 2 year lease, we start our 2nd year this July but come next June, oh yes, we're moving again!!! We don't wish to renew, and we do want to own a home. We like fixing things, and we don't want to rely on someone to come and do it for us, especially if they don't show up when they're suppose to, which has been the case a few times in the past.

Congratulations on the feature and good luck with your move!

idyll hands said...

I am SOOOOO happy with renting over owning right now. What if I find a fabulous job opportunity in another state? It's so easy to go after it if I'm renting. If I owned I'd probably just grow old doing the same old thing in the same small town.

Keep renting!

Loree said...

We love our house, but it definitely only makes sense to buy in the right circumstances. We didn't buy in NY because A) well, all we could have afforded was a tiny-ass co-op and B), we weren't sure how long we'd be there. We only bought here because we can see ourselves here for the next few years.

And it does definitely come with some added expenses... I love being able to decorate and having a sense of ownership, but I miss the flexibility of renting and being able to move or go on the fly. Pros and cons to both, for sure.

Anonymous said...

Renting rocks...especially in B.S.! Thanks for making me go to Joann's to get the dress fabric! I can't wait to be twins in our matching fabric dresses lol