Friday, June 13, 2008

Boxes, Boxes Everywhere and not a Place to Sit!

Good Morning! I'm so happy Friday is here! We move in on Sunday (well we'll have the keys- but not officially till the 24Th). This lot below is what I worked on for a little bit yesterday. Coffee cuffs and cute pincushions in summery fabrics. The one non-summery is made from a scarf I out grew. Can people really outgrow scarves? Well perhaps- maybe I've had some sort of Drink Me juice I didn't notice. Either way recycling is always a good thing.

Yesterday, I received a custom order for some coffee cuffs. Luckily the fabric requested is right at my fingertips! A lot of my fabric has been packed, so I lucked out. I'll be working on getting those babies out the door today.

Zach & I watched the Bravo A- List Awards last night. This is the event he went to last week. Only things change when it is live Vs. taped. Either way Kathy Griffin was her usual spitfire- I was amazed at how many jokes about celebrities she got in. Pretty much everyone was cracking jokes about those who hadn't come. I really enjoyed the length and the overall hilarity. It wasn't too stuff, as most award shows are and it wasn't the MTV awards which is sometimes way too cool.

These little beauties arrived in the mail yesterday, from Queen Vanna Creations. I found an adorable fabric at Joann's that has similar little paw prints all over it with a tannish back round- both of what I think will look adorable together and be perfect for my vision board.

During my sewing craft explosion yesterday, I caught some of Oprah. I think it was an old one, because they had not yet started reading their current read (which the name escapes me- b/c obviously I have not yet started reading it)- But they were talking to some very inspiring self-help gurus. Two of whom I recognized. Anyhow, a lot of the guests were talking about putting your hopes & dreams out there- speaking to the universe. Which I totally agree with, that when you need something (not material) or want to achieve, you need to tell the universe about it- before you can receive it.

When I lived in Greenpoint, Brooklyn it was very difficult to make friends. Mind you this was 7 years ago so Etsy wasn't even a glimmer and I wasn't really sewing a lot anyhow. But I found living in the city- even a smallish neighborhood to be dark and depressing, not knowing anyone except the bad relationship I was in. SO, I took a collaging class at the 92ND Street Y, I was HUGE into collage,journaling and Sabrina Ward Harrison. I thought the class would be great to meet like-minded crafties, which was partly true. We needed to bring some supplies among them magazines. We sat in a circle and in a very natural way, were told to rip out whatever photos appealed to us. The whole time chanting in our heads our sort of mantra to the universe. The entire thing was videotaped, which was okay, then we each created our own collage on oak tag. We went around the circle and explained what each one meant to us and what we were thinking. I do remember (although we weren't allowed to talk to each other- which was a total bummer) feeling empowered and connected to the universe and the women around me, even only in some small way. I would have probably benefited from asking the universe for friends rather than what I had asked at that moment. But alas, when I moved back to my hometown a few months later, my friends were there- so the universe does have a way of helping out- even if you don't know it. My point? I'm using the cute clothespins from Queen Vanna for my universe-inspiration board.

With all that- I'll say Happy Friday the 13Th!!
Look for some little shots of our new place this Sunday/Monday.


Clear Pink said...

nice blog.
good luck with your move.

MewPaperArts said...

You have got your work cut out for you with moving, but won't it be fun to start fresh and make room for a new member of the family! Can't wait to see you progress as you "nest up" the new pad!

DeeJay said...

Great post! A universe board huh. Very interesting. Can't wait to see the new place! Yipee.

Anonymous said...

I love your etsy items - I have been browsing your shop and found your blog that way.

jessicajane said...

I watched the end of Oprah yesterday too...I was thinking about reading that book...and then sending it to someone.