Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I am admitting for March a very small act involving this guy. I am guilty for not always recycling the toilet roll, yes it is true. See sometimes I am lazy by nature- when we finish a roll I will leave the empty roll aside and say " I'll recycle that later" well later turns into usually never. The roll is usually missing from where I last left it or tossed in the garbage.

Believe me I know how useful these guys are, really. My colitis gives me plenty of time to daydream about possible toilet paper roll projects I could make with Hazel when she's 5. In limited space I can't save them- but sometimes my inner hoarder speaks "c'mon what is a few paper rolls? You need them, You need them!" Then I snap out of it, leave it by the sink and forget it all till my next bathroom visit.

March will be the month for recycling these guys as well as cleaning out my car- getting the trunk almost empty. The weight I carry in the car isn't good for gas mileage or the environment in the long run. Besides who really needs 2 strollers on any given day?

What will be your One Small Change?


aliceseeger said...

Hi Melissa!
I haven't lost interest in helping find your new home, we just lost power! The snowstorm dumped over 3 feet of snow in Hopewell Jct. Trees and powerlines were down everywhere!
Our electricity and internet were restored yesterday (after 3 days in the dark) and we're still digging out! I'm diligently tracking down every possible lead to find your new home.

When my children were young an old friend told me, "Anything worth having takes time."

I've never regretted spending time with my babies, taking time to knit and weave gifts for family and friends, making home-baked bread with the boys when they were toddlers. Life speeds by too fast, It's OK to take time for what's important.
Alice Seeger

Tree Huggin Momma said...

If you know anyone who gardens offer up your tp tubes, they can be cut down and use to start seedlings, that can be planted directly in the soil with the tp tube still around them. Wish I had known that before I condemned all mine to the recycle box in my 1 touch purge rules.....