Tuesday, March 30, 2010

a healthy obsession

I'll be the first to tell you that I might have a slightly obsessive personality.Is that picture straight, does that outfit r e a l l y match? Why can't I get that one hair in place?

Then there are other obsessions like how I use to watch the Harry Potter movies all the dang time while I sewed only to switch them out with Strangers With Candy. Now, I must confess my new obsession is Twilight. I know either you love it or wouldn't touch it with a 10 ft. pole. I also know I am so far behind the bandwagon I can hardly see their tracks! But I made it nonetheless!

It all started a few Saturdays ago when one of my bestest invited us girls over to watch New Moon (and have an impromptu 32nd b-day gathering!). Zach and I had finally rented Twilight a few months back so I figured it was only right to see the next film in the series. Although we cracked jokes throughout the movie, throwing around the term "Face Punch" (the movie Bella and Jacob go to see) I was still intrigued and wholly lord blinded by Pattinson's charm. I left that night with delicious cobbler recipe ( thanks Suzanne) and Twilight in hand. I read for days straight (usually nightly during my bath) and finished it on Saturday. My loving husband bought me the next book feeding into my habit. Then I started getting him into it. Mr.TV/Movie Reviewer. Mr. Graphic Novel, Mr. Sideburns. So now he's the guy on the train every morning trying to hide his copy of Twilight.

Even with Harry Potter, it took me years to get interested. Even after I successfully ran a huge Harry Potter Midnight Madness Book release party at the B&N where I worked, I still couldn't tell you the difference between Ron and Fawkes, I can now! But once I saw the movies, I then started the books and I was hooked. Which is what is happening now. I am slowly reading the second book and casually reading the internet for spoilers, because that is just how I roll. Well I just wanted to share my harmless obsession. It is what has been getting me through the early days of spring, when the rain won't stop and the sun doesn't shine. Kinda feels like I'm in Forks.

What is your healthy obsession?


Christopher And Tia said...

Heee. Better late than never, haha.

The face punch part was pretty funny though.

Maybe your hubby might feel slightly better, if he knows my hubby has read the entire series?

Hobocamp Crafts said...

Thank you Tia- I will defenitely tell him right now! BTW whoever posted earlier- I accidentally lost your post! I'm sorry and feel sad now!! :(