Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Despite a husband who was still sick and a babe on the mend, I managed to have a wonderful birthday with a delicious dinner. However, I some how managed to not have any cake or even cupcakes. No wish-making or candle-blowing or birthday-singing. none. zippo. nadda. I guess we just kind of forgot. Between meeting a friend at the Bucks for a free pastry and birthday chai, (thank you Allegra and running to our Dr. appointments, there was no cake had. So today, Hazel and I hit one of our favorite health food stores and I found a deliciously huge piece of vegan,peanut butter, chocolate cake.

topped off with a cold glass of almond milk. Yum!

Thank you for well wishes. Going to take a few days to think about 32.


andrea creates said...

Happy Birthday-the cake looks delicious :)

Christopher And Tia said...

YAY for birthdays and cake!!

(and about the giving baby peanut butter thing: I ate it while I was breastfeeding, and he had never had a reaction that way. I decided to wait until he was at least one year old, and then try it in a very small amount. The first time we gave it to him, Christopher wasn't even thinking, and just gave him a bite of something. I of course freaked out, and then when nothing happened, we decided that he'd probably be safe. I was nervous at first, but I had my phone in hand to call 911 should an insane allergic reaction happen. I think its all about what you think is safe for your baby?)

Hobocamp Crafts said...

Thank makes sense! I think I might make brownies tonight with peanut butter and give her a little taste. I too ate it while breastfeeding- so that is good to know! Thank you for your help Tia!!

Kunklebaby said...

Happy birthday! We have the same birthday, just a couple years apart. [I just turned 29]

Have a WONDERFUL year! :D