Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Hazel is learning parts of the body. Here she demonstrates "eye".

We are trying to take one day at a time here in Hoboland. Still searching for a house to call our own. As much as I think I don't care if Spring comes- I then remember I need Spring like a plant needs fresh water. It renews the soul- the creativity and life in general.

Letting fresh air into the house and opening windows is always welcome, especially by the cats who usually inhabit the windows year round. The fresh air is a trigger like a full moon- it makes them crazy!

But sometimes Spring makes some of us sleepy.

Last night- much to both of our surprise- during American Idol- I started re-organizing my fabric. I put away all holiday/fall/wooly/flannel/toasty variety and replaced it with vintage floral sheets/apples/fruit/lightweight cottons and seersucker.
I was up till 11ish doing the finishing touches- because I also semi-color coordinated them as well as purged a huge bag full. It feels good- looks much better and gave me some inspiration that I needed.

Today this morning- which I almost actually wrote "smorning" as in this morning. Anyhow, this morning my stomach has been somewhat normal- no 15 trips- so I am not sure what is happening- but I feel good. I'm reading Dr. Weill's Heart Health publication and trying to take notes and create a new regime for health for myself. I need structure- I need to stick to it- what is it 21 days to start a habit?!

With the beautiful weather I think a trip to Nyack is needed. A stroll into our favorite thrift store for some birthday treasures. Ahem- myself (23rd) and (Zach in May) you never know what you'll find!

Enjoy the day!

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