Monday, March 22, 2010


Well my mother is on the road to recovery and Hazel is feeling better too. My father and Zach were sickened with the plague at our house this weekend and I am still holding out, for tomorrow is my 32nd birthday. I always forget how old I am and kept thinking I would be 33. I'm dippy like that.

Tomorrow I am hoping to meet up for Free Pastry day at the Bucks, because anything free is always welcome. Then on to Hazel's 15 month checkup (I've been dreading this) and hoping we can prolong her MMR even longer. From there onto my own Dr. appointment. Funny way to celebrate a birthday, huh?! Not much mending, in fact none.

We had some lovely weather, which is now being followed by rain. This weekend was productive and I am hoping for the same flow this week. Got to spend some quality time with the family, outside which was just what we all needed.

Scooting down slides,getting dirty knees and soaking in the sun. What more can you ask for?



Christopher And Tia said...

Did you get a new camera? Your pictures look beautiful!!


Hobocamp Crafts said...

thank you! No new camera- just better light!! thanks!!

emily said...

She's precious! I gotta ask, because I see Hazel D. in your music - is your Hazel named after her too?? By chance???