Saturday, April 10, 2010

mama snapshot

We were in a market parking lot, Zach ran in.

Today I feels bittersweet and when I tell you why, you'll laugh and realize I am crazy. Bitter, because today is the day of my most favorite rummage sale ever. The place I go early on Friday and then back for more on Saturday. They usually have it marked on their calender on the church's website- but someone must have dropped the ball and although I checked I failed to drive by the church (that is several miles away) to see the sign. So it is my fault, this I know and it pains me. Zach is out on a secret mission, has the car and the car seat and I have no one to babysit.

The sweet part is that today I am finally going to Weleda for my birthday facial! Very excited over here! So although I am really dragging because I missed collecting a few vintage aprons,some linens,some awesome baby clothes... the list goes on, I in turn hope to leave Weleda with a rejuvenated face and perhaps a few products to help keep it that way.

What's up with you today?

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considerthelillies said...

weleda spa should help wash away the "missed the rummage sale" blues!