Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some Little Truths

Some things that I have just realized about me or life or just an AHA moment. It's a new thing I'm starting for myself. Be sure to join in!

-Next time I make brownies, more peanut butter is definitely needed.

-I think I have figured out how not to waist my cup of tea. Use these vintage diner mugs I found thrifting, they're not quite as big as some of my other favorites and they hold just the right spot of tea. Approximately 4-5 gulps.

-I need to take better care of my camera (hence the backward photo booth shots of my mug).

-The more you do, the more you want to do. Be it cooking,art,sewing- it is an addiction of the safest kind and feeds the creative side of me, which is really all around me when I take time to look.

-I've had a nose ring (well a stud)for 16 years,yet I am still surprised at how much I notice it when I start wearing it again.

-Having a talking baby in the house is a challenge( did I say shit? I mean sit, sit!) and an amazing joy!

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