Friday, April 16, 2010

Some Little Truths

I need to make one of these for myself... but first I need to channel my inner Kirsten Dunst in order to channel my inner Marie Antoinette.

-I guess this will be my new weekly thing. ~LITTLE TRUTHS~ till I forget

-I am all out of batteries and I'm too lazy to find the rechargeable ones,so I'll be using recycled or older pictures.

-This weekend is busy. Today we are hoping to put a bid on a house,but I'll save that for another day.. it is kind of a long shot. So we're being wistfully optimistic.

(a picture of me from way back. we were living in our troll apartment with 4 windows, yet I still managed to look sassy!)

-Jasper totally just published this post with hardly any text and my picture. He stepped on the keys and voila!

-My niece Jenny's birthday party this weekend, presents to wrap and a tambourine to fix for our music box. I bought it for 25 cents and it doesn't have a cover, which also has nails sticking out of it. This is the same tambourine, I purchased then placed on top of the roof of my car (while getting Hazel into her car seat), then promptly drove away to the sound of a tambourine playing. I then backed up on a very narrow street in Piermont and grabbed said tambourine off the ground.

-Half a fence to construct and dig holes for (this will probably be work for my father & Zach)

-Make a sugar cookie berry crumble

-Remember to breath and treat myself to a tiny indulgence like a latte and some magazine or book reading time.

-Have fun with those I love. xo

wonderful weekend wishes!


jen said...

you have a cat named jasper, and i babysit a boy named jasper. :) i will think good thoughts for your house hunting adventures! how exciting!

our urban farmhouse ♥ said...

that sounds like a fabulous weekend to-do list. good luck!

andrea creates said...

A latte and good book or magazine-sounds great right now!
Have a great weekend :)

DeeJay said...

So how did it all turn out?! Love reading your words!