Wednesday, April 28, 2010

going ons

If I tell you I really could not find a chunk of time to sit and blog- you might not believe me- but really you should, because it's basically true. Zach has been working a lot. Be it printing out iron-ons for his tshirt shop ( working on ideas for his day job or working on big and little details alike for his extra, exciting book writing job- the man has been on the computer a lot and when I did have a moment, I'm sure I totally fudge it. Instead of following my own true words of creating every day- I fell flat on my bum (on the couch that is) and finally started a scrapbook for Hazel! My one saving-grace,crafty move.

(Hazel playing with the my apple. The same one I played with how many years back)

In other news, deep B R E A T H, our bid was accepted! But hold on, we still have to get the place inspected and with a weekend of impending weddings (Friday I am in one and Sat. we go to one) we will for sure miss the deadline for the tax credit. Dag nabit! Oh well, I will just be pleased if everything comes through pretty belly is worried- but my heart and mind are trying their best to be positive.

Going to add some henna to my hair and have a vanilla (soy) ice cream banana split. 3 more busy days ahead. This morning was spent at a swap meet with some other mamas I know, fun was had by all. I think everyone walked out with a few cute things- I know we did!

More to come! xo

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jen said...

i love that fisher price apple! lucy has one, too. :) good house-vibes to you guys!