Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cars that are parked on the side of the road and other adventures

Here in New York and in many other states I've visited, I always see an overabundance of cars parked on the side of the road. A rambling,twisting road, a forest and a random car parked with no one inside. I always wondered where are these people? Who are these people? What adventure are they on now?

Well the other day, I was driving on a road I drive at least once a week and I saw this sign, one I had never noticed before.

Had I not been on route to meet a friend, I would have pulled over- put the babe in the Ergo and checked it out. But instead, I dragged Zach and Hazel there on Saturday. This is one of the cemeteries, that is associated with Letchworth Village, which was a home for epileptic,"feebleminded”,mentally ill,and homeless.

more photos here.
I remember in high school there were always scary stories about this whole complex in general. growing up in North Rockland, I think everyone has had some thought driving by and wondering what the heck went on there? The gorgeous brick buildings with air conditioners still in their windows,curtains and furniture. Like something out of a true horror film. From online photos I've see the decomp inside, peeling paint and wall paper,rust which all adds to the village's creepy vibe.

The cemetery is located a few miles down from the actual village on Cal Hollow. There is a NO TRESPASSING sign, next to the cemetery sign, but alas we parked our car on the side of the road. Zach was concerned we might get a ticket, so he and Hazel stayed in the car and I trekked, alone. It was broad daylight out, even though I am a huge baby and of course was trying to remain calm and not run from the forest like a mad woman. It helped that the forest is very thin and I could see the car basically through the clearing. The spot is also pretty serene, even though those who died were not given proper gravestones, but a mere number. Later a stone was erected to "Those Who Shall Not Be Forgotten". Not knowing anyone who was buried here, it still felt to be a sad place, but I am happy I visited. It just felt like something odd I needed to do. When I arrived back, Zach was in the driver's seat ready for a quick getaway! Here are a few of my photos and the NY Times article published several years back on the cemetery.

Do you have one of those old,creepy places you dream about visiting?!

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Marian said...

great piece...the pictures of the grave markers were really sad...I am a big chicken also. I think you were very brave to go in alone!