Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Essentials

An old favorite, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Regardless if you have children or not, if you work at home and find your self getting dirty with food-paint-poop- you name it, you might want to think about acquiring an apron. I won't go into the history of these useful-practical items- only to say that I collect vintage aprons and have for a while. So, you can always find me scouring the tag sales and fabric buckets for discarded bizarre aprons. If the vintage ones don't really fit your fancy, there are so many awesome and easy ways to make an apron yourself or support a handmade shop hat sells them!
Here are the few that are in our shop now and some past aprons. I have more waiting, waiting for my fingers to meet my inspired brain to complete the project!

Blue Bell, more for cooking and covering up your clothing. A very small pocket for a kleenex or secret note. I love the blue lace- it just seems so vibrant. Although the tiny blue bell flower print is not vintage- it hints at it.
and the cows? Well I think they speak for themselves!

This apron was made with a crafter in mind. It has multiple pockets for holding cash for shows or hoarding craft supplies. It also boasts a cute little canvas loop for hammers,scissors (be careful when sitting) or some other useful tool.

Hope you enjoyed this little blurb about one of my most cherished things to collect and make! I'll be on the look out for a bunny-themed apron for Sunday! xo

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