Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pizza for Dinner

So after a morning spent in NY Presbyterian Hospital (colonoscopy) I was starving! I was able to make quite a dent in Breaking Dawn, since we arrived 1hour and 30 minutes early. Zach and Hazel picked me up from recovery with an egg sandwich- that perfectly hit the spot!

On our way home, still feeling a little loopy, coaxed Zach to take me to my favorite little thrift store that was having a $1.00 sale! I scored 2 summer skirts (both need to be shortened- I did cut & pin them), a great pair of like-new long Johns for Hazel, a sweatshirt for myself, 2 pair of pants for Hazel along with a few other things- I am now forgetting. Let's just say it was a success and I am contemplating going back! (shhh don't tell Zach!)

While Z&H played in the yard that afternoon, again still a little loopy- I started making brownies in the house. Don't worry the brownies came out amazing! I used my favorite box recipe and added peanut butter. Tempted to order out,yet trying to use everything in our cupboards, we used up our last packet of Bob's Red Mill's gluten-free pizza dough. This dough is really delicious- plus we have a little secret... since we loove the crust, (well Zach more than I) we usually add some sugar and cinnamon to the crust and save that as a little after-pizza treat! Sound crazy? It really is delicious!

This is how it turned out!

My half had scallions,sauce,mushrooms,cilantro and soy cheese. Zach's side had all the same + BBQ chicken pieces we made.Yum! Great Job Z!

A little Easter gift from Zachary, new sunglasses!! My old favorite white ones, finally kicked on Friday. RIP favorite sunglasses and welcome new, purple,butterfly inspired ones!

This morning I was able to hang my spring clothes on the line! This is the first wash this season, since it is suppose to be about 80-yay.


jen said...

do you put the cinnamon sugar in the whole crust or just the outer portion or what? mmmmm

Hobocamp Crafts said...

Thanks for asking jen! We make the crust and before we put it in the oven to bake for a few minutes we usually sprinkle it with cinnamon & sugar-then bake for a few, take out and put the rest of the stuff on. But depending on how much of the taste you want, you could reapply! yum!