Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a complete premature thought

Saturday Morning Windowing, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

So Saturday Zach went to see about a few houses. Since I wans't quite up to it, Hazel and I went today. You know everyone who owns a house says you get that feeling when you know... well I got that feeling! I am sure I am having a total premature feeling, but what do we have to go on if not premature feelings?!

A little cottage with potential, 2 bathrooms (a must for me!), a fireplace and a yard. It also has a gorgeous view of Putnam Lake. I want to gush more, but I won't... because who knows what will happen. We can only go through the motions with our breath slightly held and wishes in our hearts. Zach said he kinda felt something too.

I would be thrilled for these two clowns to have some windows to sit in this summer. Holding onto whimsical, premature thoughts- keeps you young. This I firmly believe. xo


andrea creates said...

Good luck with your search.
I think you'll know when you see it.
Our new home, I actually never saw in person til we moved in! Long story-it's grown on me..over time you make it your own :)

considerthelillies said...

I love when a house just feels right! Although I needed reassurance when looking at our present house. The walls were hideously painted and extremely ugly carpet filled half of it! But walking through it again, I just kept saying, "we can paint", "we can remove the carpet", and now it is my favorite house we have ever lived in!
hope you find your perfect match!

Heidi said...

OOOOO! Exciting! I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya!