Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Do Something!

Do Something!, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

so tonight I did what I do many nights, watch a movie ( or TV) and eat a delicious snack. Maybe I will peruse a magazine, a book or get stuck on the internet especially design blogs or Facebook. Why? For What? here I am envious of other crafters and their lives and losing time in my own life b/c I am on the dang computer. I guess I tell myself that once Hazel is down I can relax. I try to take a bath and read and I get much fulfillment from that- but once I'm out there is the TV saying,"c'mon Mel come and chill!"

But,there has to be some sort of change. It can't continue for me this way... because my energy level is low and my creativity level is even lower. So I am going to try this little experiment out and I urge anyone to join me. I haven't come up with a name yet, but it is a simple idea of basically daily goals of creating. Be it organizing your fabric by colors- photographing a bunch of pencils- whatever just something that moves you to think outside of the everyday stressors and gets you to create.

Tonight I read a good amount of the Kind Diet and I feel very excited about the possibilities of taking better care of myself.



andrea creates said...

Great idea~
We all need a little push sometimes it helps to document it-I like to make lists and scratch things off as they get done.I better realize how much I do that way.
Good reminders~ even just something as little as one drawer at a time-helps us feel like we accomplished something :)

DeeJay said...

Exactly what I have been trying to do myself. Trying to take a b&w photograph a day. Am now 3 days behind. Alas, it will be okay. lol Have been working on a secret project during tv time! Can't wait to share with you!!!!!

Am home with Roses today. She spent the night last night. Had a fever, cough and congestion all night. Took PTO so she didn't have to go be sick at daycare.

Hazel is so very very yummy!

BTW the group I have on Flickr is 180 Black and White. Join if you like.

queenvanna said...

i used to get so much done after the girls went to bed - i'd stay up until the wee-hours just cranking stuff out... but lately the call of the couch and crappy tv and the laptop has won out. i think it's time to change up my schedule....