Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Some New Stuff in the Works for a Thursday Night/ Friday Morning Shop Update!

I'll be updating the shop Thursday Night/ Friday Morning- so be sure and check out the new cuteness. I'm also working on a new banner and etsy avatar- so look for it in etsy land!

The Spring/Summer crafty-show circuit is starting up again! We're really excited about all of the possibilities! This weekend we are going to apply to a few of our favorites- and we're hoping to do some more local shows in Brooklyn too.

I made some tomato sauce last night with spinach, sweet onions and spices. Then I used it for tofu lasagna for tonight's dinner.

I start a yoga class tonight- which I feel nervous about. For a few reasons- one being I have like 1 pair of presentable yoga-sweat-type pants- all the others I can't be caught dead outside of the house in.

Secondly- it feels like I am in 1st grade again and i'm not quite sure what to expect. You know the butterflies of what could be and what might actually be?! yes I am probably thinking way too much about it- yoga is totally suppose to relax you!

I wanted to whip up a cute little yoga mat bag- but I was working on some other things- so I'll add it to my "to Do" list. Looking forward to seeing the Etsy crew on the Martha Stewart show this Friday! represent xo

The store we consign some aprons to will be written up in the local newspaper ( the journal news) tomorrow- must remember to grab a copy.

We got a new printer which is a scanner,printer,copier hybrid- so now I can scan in the interview we had in the newspaper about 1year 1/2 ago.
Have a great night ( after yoga- 2 hours of Law & Order ) wheee!
happy crafting xo


theVintageZoo said...

hey! you're on the front page right now!!! woo-hoo! and it looks GOOD!!! ;-)

Hobocamp Crafts said...

i just saw that!!! thanks for the heads up :)

Banana-head Pancake said...

are you close to nyc? I want to organize a vegan pot luck & night of craft. maybe this already exists, I need to find it. your dinners always sound yummy!