Monday, February 11, 2008

Pretty Girl Coffee Cuff

Pretty Girl Coffee Cuff, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Here is one of my latest coffee cuffs. I've been working in felt applique- which is my real first love. There are some birdies as usual and I'm introducing these girlies and whales. Look for them in the shop Tuesday night- for the Night-Shop Update!

Zach had to work late tonight- the magazine is closing their issue- so he's had some extra work to catch up on for a dead line. On nights when I eat by myself I can go either way- making a very enjoyable-well-balanced meal or eat a bowl of mashed potatoes w/ ketchup- which is exactly what I had tonight! We've both been really good at not eating 2 hours before going to sleep- but I will usually have a bowl of cereal like 30 minutes before the 2 hour cut off.- All very exciting info!

In the last month I recieved 2 magazines that I hadn't subscribed to.- I found out the suspicious subscription to Nylon magazine I've been receiving- has not yet, been linked to the person, place or thing that actually paid for it. But my subscription to Everyday Food by Martha Stewart- was a Christmas gift from my sweet mother-in-law!

Hope you're having a great day- craft on!


Zach Oat said...

That's beautiful! You totally need to make more of those! Heading home now. I love you! XOXO

- Z

Loree said...

Mmmm.... I love those quick-fix dinners that always end up being something insane, like a bowl of mashed potatoes or just mac 'n cheese. Maybe not the healthiest thing, but it's perfect comfort food in the winter.