Saturday, February 9, 2008

Random Thoughts for Lazy Saturdays W/ Strawberry

Strawberry Rocks, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Yesterday while in Nyack I stopped by Grace's thrift shop- which has and always will be my favorite. I found a vintage- old school red collared shirt with geese all over ( from the GAP) with a super old label- along with a khaki velour skirt that fits almost perfectly and crocheted watermelon- pieces that are to be used as pot holders- in wonderfully-handmade condition! I'll be posting pictures to flickr.

This morning for breakfast Z made delicious french toast from a thick Italian loaf. Although we had to ration out the almost- empty bottle of maple syrup- it was still really good.

I dropped him off at work to catch up on a few things and made my way towards the Piermont thrift store. I found a lovely vintage apron for 50 cents along with some great fabric.

Before getting home I stopped at the market and picked up cat food( I always feel like a spinster when I buy canned cat food like more than 2 cans in the grocery store- alone- but I do anyhow) , tofu, organic potatoes, onions, maple syrup and honey. Now we should really be set for a few weeks!

Still listening to the Other Boleyn Girl, I did take a brief nap on the couch and missed the last 20 minutes or so of cd 11. I was reading about how much was actually fiction Vs. fact throughout the story- thanks to Wikipedia.

Mom gave me a pound of decaf coffee and I picked up a Celestial Seasonings decaf maple tea- I did just brew a cup of regular- but I am trying to gradually ween myself off. Right now I am 1cup a day.

One of my best friend's got engaged this past week and as she put it " we couldn't be happier"!!! Tomorrow morning we are going to meet for a looksie at her ring! and a cup of joe (decaf for me!) I'm really happy for her she's a great girl- found a great guy .

Sometimes when I listen to my itunes mixes i listen to Christmas songs. I know if certain people knew- I might be shunned- but these are songs that are really special to me and bring me INSTANT happiness- and sometimes you just need that!

So with Christmas in Kilarney playing I bid you a farewell! I'm going to pin some zippy pouches together.

PS> There are two winners for the cuff giveaway- I like ties better anyhow!


jewelstreet said...

Oh, I loved the Other Boleyn Girl. Even if there was more fiction that fact. Did you know that the movie will be coming out later this month?

Btw, I am a March 23rd baby! Rock on Aries! lol.

Katie said...

I think it's adorable you listen to Christmas music year 'round. I had this Christmas record, as a child, with the prettiest version of O Holy Night; I listened to it throughout the year. I'd forgotten about it. You've stirred up a lovely memory!

... good for you, going decaf. =^.^=

Sounds like a wonderful day.

I'm glad you found me, so I could find you. I'm going to link you on my blog. You'll be famous dah-link!

Hey Harriet said...

Yum! I love French Toast!
Your blog is realy sweet, love the layout & your writing style. The photos are awesome! Super cool :)

Cicada Studio said...

Mmm, that French Toast sure sounds yummy! Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment!