Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Adventures

This is Jasper our handsome big kitty- I took some photos of him and his sister, Hermione this afternoon while the sun was shining in our bedroom.

I've been thinking of a few tote bag ideas I want to sketch and have them in the shop for spring- although it did just snow lol!

We took a trip to Costco for a few things so now I have to try and find room for a ton of oatmeal, eggs and a few other super-sized items. But i use them a lot so it makes sense for us to buy them this way!

I don't know if the cats knew it was Oscar night or what- but they were acting a bit crazy tonight. Of course some chasing was involved as usual- but Jasper was in a begging position on his back legs with paws up- like a meercat manor commercial.

We ate a broccoli- flax-carrot-soymeat quiche I made- with the basic recipe from Vegetarian Times mag.

Well I am off to pin some coffee cuffs, do some filing and of course check out the Oscars!


theVintageZoo said...

you'd think with our huge family, i'd buy supersized items... but i don't. the supersize store is across town, and i can't ever seem to get over there. so it's to the store every week to buy the same things. i should make more of an effort to just trek across town one time for the month.. yes? maybe you've inpsired me!!

so, what did you think of the oscars??? it kinda bored me actually.... i don't think i like jon stewart. hm.

Allison said...

That quiche sounds yummy!

Tizzalicious said...

He is a handsome kitty indeed!