Sunday, February 17, 2008

Movies- Milkshakes and a Weekend Wrap Up

Since I haven't been very crafty myself- I thought I would take a moment to talk about my husband and how he makes me laugh and also how I love his approach to crafts.

He sews- he knits- he designs most of our t-shirts and draws them all. He use to have a comic during his college days that ran in the school newspaper. Recently he was contacted by Newsday- to use this image ( where I will be getting a photography credit lol). Although Newsday is only available on Long Island- I hope it drives sales to his shop. At the moment we have had to hault the sales due to a big increase- products have a 2 week waiting list.

We also just ordered women's american apparel t-shirt. I can't wait to get my very own Milkshake shirt!

This weekend Zach has been covering the Toy Fair convention (in NYC) so he has been working like 16 hour days and is pretty beat. I did rent Eastern Promises for him- it was pretty gruesome- I wasn't really pleased with the ending but Viggo Mortensen is gorgeous- regardless. I also rented Elizabeth: The Golden Age, which I enjoyed. Then feeling nostalgic for my favorite actor Daniel Day Lewis, I rented Gangs of NY which I had never really watched. After returning those I stopped at the local library and finally found Rear Window. I popped it in an instantly fell asleep- so I will try it again tomorrow- I really do love that movie.

I have been feeling so B E A T! ( too much movie watching) You know when you just can't get enough sleep- then when you think you have you feel over-tired again? Wonder if I'm sick? hello Airborne!

I made a big crock pot full of 3- bean winter chili. It needs some rice cheese and avocado to finish it off.

This week I am going to set some goals for myself and write them up right here:
Reorganize my fabric- ribbons, notions and entire craft table


Continue to eliminate the apt. of magazines ( recycling of course)

Get ready for Yoga class (starts next Wednesday)

Get a few walks in- when at my parent's house doing laundry- walk around the neighborhood- rather than internet surf!)

So just to get me started those are a few.. If anyone has productive ideas - they are much welcomed!
xo be well


Loree said...

I chatted with Rob for a second today while he was out with Zach. I think he's happy they get to do a bit of hanging out this week.

I'm notoriously unproductive in my down time, but I have been hitting the gym lately. That's about it. I want to do some more creative stuff, but I have to channel the energy first... sigh.

I've been taking chewable vitamin c tablets the last month or two, and I think they're helping ward off the sickness this year...

idyll hands said...

I got the most adorable coffee cup cuff in the mail on Friday. It's perfect and I can't wait until tomorrow morning where I'll be able to pick up a cup on the way to work, just to show off my new cuff.

Thanks again for the wonderful giveaway!

ickleson said...

That t-shirt is fab x

amy said...

awesome tee! I wish my boyfriend was as crafty as your husband. I wish that my boyfriend liked crafty stuff even a little. sigh...