Thursday, February 21, 2008

yeah but no but yeah- vickie pollard

So NY is in for a huge winter storm (or so the weather-people say) and I couldn't be happier! Tonight we spent some time watching LOST, finishing up the chili I made this week ( we turned it into burrito filling + soy meat) making t-shirts for 247Magnum and talking to the cats. A very memorable night! I also had some time to trim my bangs and cut a few dead ends off- I'm actually trying to let it grow.

This coffee cuff which sold out in our shop- just reminds me of such a wonderful time of year.. now!

I debated on sharing this- but Tuesday I went for a (down there) appt and had a breast exam... b/c there was something that I thought felt weird. The NP assured me it was nothing- but signed me up for a sonogram and mammogram- anyhow. So basically I am truly freaking out. The appt isn't till March- which makes it even more difficult. I've been teetering between- this is crazy you're fine and Oh my god what am I going to do. I just don't know how to react.

If that wasn't the worst part about this week- later than night I ordered Chinese Food ( general tso's tofu) that tasted so terrible I needed to toss it. P.S. They also forgot my can of coke ( which I usually only drink while eating Chinese food) So needless to say- I am looking forward to Friday for many reasons.

I haven't been very creative lately. Maybe I am just going through something- but I hope the snow and spending the day with my hubbie will rejuvinate my creativity and help me get a jumpstart for next week.

Wishing you all well and a lovely weekend.


idyll hands said...

Glad I'm not the only one not feeling creative lately. I'll get everything at my craft table ready and just sit and stare at it. This, too, shall pass! :) At least you have some snow to look at.

Amanda Baehr Fuller said...

I love your taste in music - I feel compelled to visit the iTunes store everytime I visit your blog!