Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New Coffee Cuffs In the Shop!

Quack- Sqwack- Blah Blah Love Bird Coffee Cuff

So I'm going to be giving one of these lovely coffee cuffs away- but it is a surprise- exactly which one. The Giveaway will start Friday till Midnight.( I hope that is enough time) You Just have to leave a comment on my Friday's posting ( which should be up by 3pm) Then I'll write the names on paper and do it up old school! And Pow- I'll email you and then send a cuff your way!!

This one is one of my favorites- it reminds me of Mo Willems books and the pidgeon. xo

I'm still enjoying the cake at my sewing machine- on the couch- at the counter right before dinner- you know- the usual places! However I surprised myself and went for a walk today. It all depends on what I wear- what a shame. If I think I might want to dress up fun for a Remix- I usually won't go and exercise- cause I'm all done up. ( Except for that day I did an aerobics tape in a pair of purple fishnets and tore them severely- I'm talking Nancy Spungeon wouldn't wear 'em)
Today I had yoga-ish pants on- hence my stint with exercise.

My laws & orders are on tonight.( zach and I call it that- we like adding "s" to things especially in this funny voice we use) I love Detective Goren. Despite his slight facial weight gain- I think Zach knows if given the chance to have Goren's love child out of wedlock- I would. Zach hopefully would then let me bring the child back into our life and raise it as his own- or possibly allow Goren some joint parenting rights. I haven't got that all figured out yet- though.

I'm silly- or at least I think I am. I truly appreciate that people are reading this blog and writing back and getting it! Thank you! See you Friday!
xo happy crafting


theVintageZoo said...

i love this post. i love your humor. you are so great. you made me smile BIG! :-) and i LOVE your cuffs. hm. that could sound kind of dirty, huh... HA! really though, they are SOOOO cute and clever and wacky and fun. really.

RunAliceRun said...

Cute cuffs!! Hey I even know thevintagezoo!

pollyanna cowgirl said...

hey! we call it laws and orders too! (usually 'cause we watch a bunch of episodes at once.) :)

Kelly C. said...

you are hilarious!! and i love the squawk-alicious cuff. seriously wonderful.