Monday, February 4, 2008

Bonjour Monday

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This weekend was really enjoyable. Friday we watched Torchwood which I am now really into- amongst all of my snickers etc. Zach packed for an overnight- Mass trip. Saturday I made brownies- from a box- which I don't really enjoy doing- but I added flaxseed to try and neutralize the bad things in the box.

Saturday the girls came over for dinner and drinks and Sunday Mom and I went on a mini adventure. Visited the health food store for vitamins, new lipgloss and other must-haves. Then we stopped at the market and then made banana bread. Hers came out deliciously-wonderful tasting and looking. Mine was really sad looking and didn't taste very good. I had mixed a few of the recipes together and sort of ruined it. Oh Darn~

Zach came and picked me up on his way back in town and he brought treats from the which our friend's family owns. A gallon of stupendious apple cider, a bottle of homemade hard cider and a bag full of apples of course! Super sweet~

Today I made 1 cup of coffee. That is my quota- I took some photos of coffee cuffs outside during the light snowfall and I have a few packages to get ready to mail out.
So right now I am LOVING The Other Boleyn Girl although I didn't read the first one. This is seriously feeding my need for gossip in the 1500's England!

I'm also going to be making some 3-bean veggie chili(I'll list the recipe tomorrow) and start working on a few ideas to sketch,create and submit to this email request I recieved. (more about that laters)
Have a good Monday
xothanks for reading- Look for a Free Coffee Cuff Giveway- Coming up this weekend.. More details later.
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