Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Morning Early Bird

So I woke this morning around 6 minutes to seven by alarm- because although I am not feeling well- last night as I was ripping from the Parenting magazines I inherited from the library- my minds was swirling with creative ideas. An idea for a new type of Scraparella, a few new appliques for those skirts I've mentioned and of course a new recipe for white bean soup. Thank you tossed aside Parenting magazine for not only giving me some ieas on how the heck to raise a child- but on how to keep my business fresh! who knew?!

I also created the little ditty which I'm thinking about using. Sort of a play on our Rodeo Radio tee. Maybe a new sign design or embroidery adventure? How would one go about embroidering a coiled wire? Hmmmm? We do need a new show sign. Although I am a total novice. I remember last summer atProvidence Open Market (whose new days are up for 2008!) being asked by HeatherJeany who had a gorgeous embroidered ( almost finished) show sign and she had asked me my opinion on techniques- I was honored but really had no clue! Ithink I use the same stitch- beyond that I sort of wing it!

Yesterday, since I was having some chest pain issues- I went to a new Doc ( my hubbies sees her too) and got a looksey. My heart is fine-(knock on wood) ( superstition is my best friend) but she chalked it up to stress, sore throat, headache and an upper respitory infection. Yipeee! I'm scheduled for a million more tests next week ( they're very thorough) and from my flickr pics you'll see the handful of meds to take. That is usally where the crazy in me comes out. I'll Google the meds see the side effects or other comments and info an then get too scared to take them. So last night I 1/2 one of my meds and today I'll take the whole thing. I don't know my reasoning.

I do know that The Other Boleyn Girl came out today and I so want to see it!! I know it already looks as though they maye have even changed parts of Gregory's story - or edited to look that way- but I still am interested. I finally finished listening to it on cd. Even though her book is historical fiction- she said she doesn't change history- but fills in the cracks on the things we may not know. I rather enjoyed it and during the listening time you could find me on Wikipedia and English historical sites reading about the demise of Anne Boleyn and company.

Well I am off. Going to take it easy today- but I would love to finish some pieces and have them in the shop this weekend. Have a great Friday!


Caroline said...

TGIF! I really want to see the Boelyn movie, too!

MewPaperArts said...

oooh, I want to see that movie too. I wish we lived closer so we could go together! But it's snowy and yukky here and not good for driving across bridges. Boo.

Katie said...

Yes, who knew? It's good to hear Parenting has some purpose aside from being a boring dentist office read.

I'm awfully sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Keep me posted & let me know if there's anything I can do to help. Not feeling well sucks (like you need to be told).