Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Other Car is a Sewing Machine

Really it is. I ride it usually during the day and late at night sometimes. I need to wear a cape when I ride it cause it doesn't protect from the weather.

Today was so bitter out- cold and just a mix of rain and light snow. I love snow- but only when there is a lot- or enough to pretty up the scene.

I ventured out to my parent's house to do a few loads of laundry ( I'm a slacker) we really appreciate that we can do this. On a day my mom isn't babysitting my nieces and nephews we usually have lunch or coffee talk. Today however I got to see my little neice Lizzie who is 2ish. It is really amazing to see how she has changed in the last year or so. She's still a little shy- but she really likes me- she even said she loved me today and it warmed my heart! I can't wait to have my own little bundle of fun. She wears the cutest clothes( like sparkly sneakers and blue velvet pants) and pointed at my eyebrow and then said "eyebrow" which made me laugh! Her older sister pointed out my nose ring ( the fact that she knew what it was called was very impressive- she's only 4-almost 5) then Lizzie poked it with her finger and my nose started bleeding but again it was pretty funny!

Glad I got to see her for a second.

I've listed a few new coffee cuffs in my shop. Currently I am washing all of my vintage finds from the Salvation Army- so I can get to work on appliques. I also have a few birthdays coming up- so I'll need to make a few things.

Tomorrow I would really like to spend the morning/mid day listening to either music or finishing up The Other Boleyn Girl while sewing. Must get everything pinned tonight!

I finished the rest of the quiche up today for lunch and want to make some sauce for tofu/veggie lasagna. I bought some lovely noodles made of whole gran & flax on my Hannaford's trip with mom. I also have a few red potatoes that I keep thinking about finishing up with either a hash brown mix or potato topping for a vegan shepard's pie.

Have a wonderful Tuesday- stay warm & keep crafting~


theVintageZoo said...

i love that sticker! it is totally RAD!!

love kids. they do and say the darndest things!! ;-)

you inspire me to sew. ever since my machine broke - even though it's been fixed now for some time -i just can't seem to get my mojo back. hm.

sounds like you had a wonderful day!

RunAliceRun said...

It's cold here in Michigan, too! Hey, it sounds like you are a vegetarian or really like vegetarian food! Same here!

Hobocamp Crafts said...

yes I've been vegetarian for about 9 years and always sway to vegan since now I'm lactose intolerant- and never liked cow's milk anyhow! :)

Freckled Pink said...

I want that bumper sticker!

Secret Lentil Clothing said...

I have the same sticker but I'm convinced that if I put it on my car, my car will die and I will have wasted a great bumper sticker. Yes, I have issues.

Tizzalicious said...

Lizzie sounds so cute!

I love the sticker too!

ambika said...


And your cat's dubious expression is priceless.