Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekend Nest Building

The strawberries were from a local grocery/garden shop in Oneonta. They were local & delicious! We enjoyed them on the 4th of July. Which reminds me, next weekend I need to make time to visit our Farmer's Market. When I first lived in this town, I could walk to the market every Saturday and usually did. But weekends fill up and before you know it you've forgotten to stop. But I am going to make it a point to stop next Saturday. Enjoy the local flavor and the wonderful bluegrass band that usually plays.

We had a fruitful trip to Ikea and now our Expedit bookshelf is in our living room dividing the space for my studio nook. It is filled with Zach's Mego figures, some jars of buttons,Scraparellas and of course our Harry Potter busts that adorn the top. Zach and I are kids at heart- but I think it will make for a fun apartment to raise a child. The kitchen is falling into place and I have since set up my Strawberry Shortcake pieces on top of a small closet my parents gave us. The vibe is semi-retro, the color- red, black & white.

Friday mom & dad met me at Babies R Us to add a few things to my registry. How confusing!! I've been researching everything from cribs-car seats and I still don't know where to begin.I just want to make sure I am doing the most research possible to make a truly informed decision- but it is kinda overwhelming because there are so many options. So I mostly added basic items, like onesies,blankets,crib gear and other accessories. There is something about using a gun and adding things to the magical registry- that is full filling in a shopping way,yet also keeps your wallet intact.

Curtains were hung in our bedroom. We went with a Martha Stewart green stripe. Zach also hung a small lamp from our ceiling. The shade is a square rice paper in cream. Today we'll put the bed together. It is a simple frame in a silver-metal. We decided to go with the more streamlined- basic frame. I'll be able to hang my vintage quilt from the headboard- which is a nice added bonus.

Since Jasper got me up at 4:30 along with clodhoppers upstairs, I was able to see the last few minutes of the sun rising. The cats both watched with me. Hermione by her window Jazzy on the arm of the couch. At some point today a matinee for Hellboy is in our future. Hope you're having a great weekend. Stay Cool!


Caroline said...

I completely understand what you mean about baby shopping being overwhelming at times.

And those strawberries look delicious. I keep meaning to head to the local strawberry farm to pick a couple quarts for myself. YUM!

Kristen said...

Your nursery sounds darling, I loved getting my babies rooms ready to bring them home to~ how fun! Something you might think about getting(I used it w/all four of mine)I don't know what you call it- it's like a wedge/roll?? it keeps babies on their side(unless they've changed how babies are supposed to sleep?)but you lay it behind them to keep them from rolling over.
You have a super cute shop too, love the Red Head coffee cuff :)

Brandon said...

It can be overwhelming any kind of shopping, well almost. I wish my strawberries were still producing. They look so yummy!