Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sassy Yellow & Black

Macro- Custom Order Clutch, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

This is a macro shot of a custom order I've been working on. I am really happy with the way it came out- I hope the new owner is too. You never know- when you're creating a custom order. The person is entrusting you to use your crafty psychic vibes to figure out what they want.

After some much stunting time- I'm starting to put craft supplies , fabric and my nik naks in their cozy little places. I reworked my universe board- and I'm much happier with the outcome.

We're going up to Oneonta for a little getaway w/ my family. Thursday-Saturday. My brother has a little cabin up there. I love the area. The little strip has a great coffee shop with free WIFI and a great Salvation Army. We try to go up at least once a year. We might even try to go up again later in the year before baby comes. So I have the kitchen floor littered with reusable totes full of snackies and other treats to bring up for the 4th.

I'm meeting a friend at the mall in our area today. They use to have a humungo Joann's which was always a great place to stop in and check sales. But alas it went out of business. We'll probably do some window shopping and grab a coffee and I need to mail out some orders.

I'm hoping the outfit I'm wearing isn't too much for a preggo. I asked Z before I left the house. He usually is honest- but aid I looked cute. I'll have to take a pic and show you all later. I'm running out of clothes!

Have a great day and stay crafty!


idyll hands said...

Sassy indeed. I used to not like yellow at all, but I'm really finding myself drawn to it lately.

queenvanna said...

yellow is very much the color right now - the cover of the new mary engelbriet magazine is all warm and yellow. so pretty!!

i hear ya about the maternity clothes - i had 1 decent shirt to wear out, and a few clunky t shirts for hanging around at home. pants were the WORST. you might need to make yourself somethin' fun and flow-y, you won't be gettin' any smaller for a while!! =D

Blaze said...

Ooh! So pretty! How are you?! I hope you're doing quite well! :)