Thursday, July 24, 2008

Trying Something New

So I've psyched myself up. I've cleared the kitchen table, I have a pot of coffee (decaf) going, I'm gathering my fabrics and I've chosen which Harry Potter on cd to start listening to, oh and the baby is kicking! Apparently she knows that I need a little encouragement and that is her showing her mom support!

I'm starting my first quilt. Nothing very big. Perhaps it will jut be a wall hanging, not even lined. This will be my first real attempt and I know if I start off with huge asperations, I may get tired, bored or frustrated and give up. I don't want that to happen, so Baby Steps as Bob would say.

I'm armed with a copy of Very Crazy Patchwork, which is a lovely book for a novice like myself. It also has more involved projects. Wish Me Luck!

I made some chocolate chip- oatmeal cookies yesterday, that are pretty delicious. For dinner I may try a soup or fire up the rice cooker. I'd love to make some steel cut oats in the slow cooker, but I've had terrible luck with that. The idea of going to bed with the delicious smell of oatmeal cooking is so lovely, but it always ends up burnt. Even when I follow a recipe to the T! If anyone has a fool proof recipe- let me know!

Well I am off! I hope I have something productive to share tomorrow.
Burn Notice is on tonight- just sayin!


DeeJay said...

Girlie! Email me your new addy so I can ship you this fabric, k?!

casserole said...

Good luck on your first quilt! I'm sure it will be gorgeous!!

Loree said...

Love the Burn Notice! Rob and I just started watching a couple of months ago.