Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Color of Pumpkins

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A few years back when I really got into knitting, I went out and bought a ton of yarn as I also inherited some from family & yard sales. When we moved I got rid of a lot of it. Then I found this suitcase. The suitcase is a huge-sized duffle. One that was originally purchased when I lived in Indiana and needed to get my belongings back to NY. So it was meant to carry a lot. So you can see, I was shocked when we found it full of yarn!

In the spirit of recycle-reduce-reuse, I've decided to use as much as I can. It is mostly acrylic, but I've always found when used in bright colors, it not only shows stitches easier ( which is helpful for a semi-novice after 5 years) but it is vegan as well. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy wool- but I prefer using a recycled sweater to wear or deconstruct rather than get a skein of it.

In the long of it, I chose the color pumpkin to start my first back- to- the- needles- project. I thought it would excite me about the upcoming fall days that I so long for every year.

Some new coffee cuffs will be listed today & tomorrow. My brain is swirling with ideas of an Autumn Preview. Including some old favorites & new surprises. I've started using some of my favorite autumnal prints. How exciting!

Yesterday, I met my new Midwife. She's wonderful. She made me feel more cared for in a 1- hour meeting than any of my previous OBGYN doctors did in years. She was convinced we will get to the bottom of my stomach ailments & was very knowledgeable about a veg diet- which so many people don't really discuss. She also mentioned I need to get back electrolytes.. since I've been sick. So, I high-tailed it to the market and found Vitamin Water on sale & promptly stocked up. It feels good to have someone in your corner who cares.

I started rereading my Mary Engelbreit/ Home Companion magazines for August, September & October. They are the only magazines I save, along with Vegetarian Times. I group them by season. I love going over every article, especially the home decor and artist pieces. They've covered some amazingly inspiring people and places. Flipping through instantly puts me in a positive & crafty mind frame. Gotta love that!

be well ~


Rosebud Collection said...

Glad you have a great midwife..she sounds really good..Funny with magazines..I have old Workbaskets..I just started pulling them out..I enjoy going over them again and again..there is always something I missed..Hope you feel much better..

kim* said...

Orange is a great choice because Fall is just around the corner.

stonesoupjewelry said...

Orange is a tragically underappreciated color. That shade is fabulous!

SecretMe said...

yum coffee cuffs bet they'll do well, good luck with the midwife

Vanessa said...

What a great fall color!