Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Riot = Not Quiet

Riot = Not Quiet, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

I bought this patch like a million years ago from Sticker Sisters way back in high school. I was really happy to see that they are still around and just as cool as I remembered. I hope I can get pencils that say "Girls Can Do Anything" for my little girl. I still have mine, they're sparkly & silver with hot pink font. Very cool. very special. Now the patch adorns a onesie I hope our baby girl can wear.

My parents came over for a little visit. We gave them all our milk products, since we've both been having issues. They brought us some delicious dinner rolls we'll enjoy with our carrots, mashed potatoes & chik'n dinner tonight. Along with a big ol' bag of baking soda- to clean with.
I've changed my Prenatal pill and I think it may have helped and may have even been my stomach culprit.

I finished 3 cute pin cushions yesterday and appliqued some recycled little girl clothes for the baby. Just freshing or refreshing them up w/ a dab of Melissa/Hobocamp.

Mom also brought along brown sugar, so I can make Zach's Mother's Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. Tonight is Project Runway night, so we'll yum up our dinner and get nestled on the couch to veg. This is where I get my knit-time in.

Well have a great time whatever you're doing! xo


kim* said...

I am happy you showed me this site. I haven't looked through it but am bookmarking already cause you made it seem bomb.

Natasha said...

What a great patch! can't wait to check out the link!

Estela said...

love the patch!!


its so great, that patch! yay! i want one!