Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Haircuts, Onesies & Baby Kicks

Last night I decided to go with my inner Shear Genius vibe and cut my hair into a little bob. I've always been able to do this, just go for it, grab my scissors and cut. Like Tim Gunn- I make it work. OK enough Bravo references- my husband's ears are probably ringing (he works at Bravo). But for reals, at this time of year I just needed the hair off my neck- besides I was just wearing it in a pony tail- so what really is the point?!
It is a little flapperish- which I adore.

Saturday I went crazy with creating new onesies, here are a few shots of our new merch for babes in the shop.

I just think the squawking bird is hysterical!

Last night, during my night time snack (which was a vanilla soy pudding by Cozy Shack- Yes, they make soy pudding!!!) I noticed a little butterfly feeling in my tummy. When I actually realized it was the baby moving! I lifted my shirt and actually saw my stomach moving! The baby was kicking- which felt more like a butterfly, which is just a sweet feeling. Zach was on his way home, so I called my mom at 11pm to tell her my news. It was pretty exciting and now I'm anticipating & waiting for more- come on baby!

We have new onesies
in our shop- check them out!


Clear Pink said...

Just found your blog. I love it.

Went over to your etsy shop, great shop. I hope to get some stuff soon.

Kristen said...

Love the haircut! And those onesies are SUPER CUTE!!!

iSew said...

I'd do anything to be able to cut my own hair!

DeeboLovesButters said...

First off, your hair looks amazing! I was always dumbfounded at how well you cut your own hair. I may have to have you cut mine sometime! :)
Second, the baby onesies are just precious! Save a few for baby girl Oat! :)

queenvanna said...

love the onesies - that bird is hysterical!!

and yay for butterfly kicks. seriously, that is the ONLY part of being pregnant i miss. sometimes when i can't sleep at night, i lay still and remember what that feeling was like. it sooths my mind and helps me drift off!

alamodestuff said...

Love the haircut! I'm impressed you cut it yourself!

The onesies make me want more little ones!