Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday's Organizing Brigade

Ok, so there isn't exactly a brigade- unless you count me and the baby in my tummy.. cause the cats aren't much help. For the most part the apt. is settled, but we have pockets of unorganized mess. So today at least for an hour, I am going to try and whip those pockets into shape. Our bookshelf (Expedit) is up and in full effect! Dividing my little space, housing our Harry Potters and other cuteness.

Yesterday I took some shots of two of my latest coffee cuffs- which will be in my shop today.
The first one was made from a heavy duty canvas/furniture fabric with various ribbons stitched on. The second is made from a vintage white fabric with raised soft-velvety green polka dots. I then put some fun carrot fabric over it with a handmade gingham in yellow fabric button.
Too cute! They'll be here Cuteness and Then Some!.

On another note, I'm going to meet with a Maternity Consultant at the local hospital. I'm not very happy with the way my OBGYN experience is actually going.
After watching The Business of Being Born- I realized that I didn't have to be uncomfortable, which has been the way I am feeling. It took watching this movie and a family friend casually asking me if I had a midwife- before I realized there were other options. I went to school for Women's Studies and to be honest at the time they didn't really get into too much about hospital birth Vs. midwifery. Right now I see a slew of different Docs who are partners. I never really see the same one twice and feel no connection to them, nor do I even know who would deliver my babe. So, tomorrow I'll research other options. I'll be sure to share them! But check out the movie- it was pretty amazing!

Well one of my favorite events is this week... not so much of an event as it is a civil duty.. you know- the new season of Project Runway! I'm pretty excited! I've also gotten addicted to Flippin Out- which is funny to admit. But while Z is on his weekly conference call- I look to Bravo to keep me company.

Hope you're all well


Felicia said...

Your coffee cuffs are adorable!

Island Travel Girl said...

Love th enew cuffs, and I am so glad you liked that movie - I really enjoyed it. I hope you find the situation that is right for you - it's such an important time in your lives, you want to really love the people who are on the journey with you, and make sure you have the experience you dream of (or as close to it as possible !) For what it's worth, I did the Hypnobirthing, and it really did work for me. I was totally relaxed and pretty pain free.

vanna said...

it's amazing how many choices we have, but how much investigating we have to do to find options!! whatever you decide, i hope you have a wonderful and easy experience. i did!! =D