Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blog Fancy and the Adventures of O'Henry

Many times I just use titles I like the sound of with no real rhyme or reason, I'm sorry.

However, I did meet an interesting fellow, who I am now calling O'Henry. O'Henry stands about 1 1/2 feet tall and is kind of a loud character. It all started when Hazel woke around 3am last night. Finally around 4, I got her down and heard a rooster howling-cooing-crooing? very close to our window. I made a joke to Zach and thought nothing of it. Fast forward 5 + hours. My mother and I go to investigate and indeed there is a rooster in our yard. Perched on our fence- he jumped- I jumped (and shrieked) and the rest is history.

We spent the rest of the morning watching O'Henry make his rounds, visiting the neighbor's yards and picking at their grass.


Some New Cuffs... my best friend Maureen had a bike pretty similar when we were kids. Nice.
Something a little cute and cuddly too:

New Cuffs in the shop today and all this week- along with Pregnant Tanks for the cute snuggle bunny mamas in your life! Plus some more exciting treasures to share!

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