Saturday, June 27, 2009

Random Weekend Ramblings

Since this post is random- I searched through out archived photos for some more randomness.

I've talked about our impending move for a while now and it has finally arrived! Today Zach, Hazel and I, along with my parents headed to the old place for some much needed moving. Tub cleaning-clothing packing-baby wrangling was just how I spent a good part of the day. In between we watched the several different kitties enjoy the cat chow we poured into a bowl in the grass.

Thursday I go for my colonoscapy. Maybe this will shed some light on my 1 year (this July 2nd- the day I'll actually have my test)battle with tummy troubles. Zach and I briefly spoke about gratitude this morning- here are some of what we shared:
Gratitude for
my health daughter and beautiful,understanding wife (Z)

my family and the sunshine- me

With that I say enjoy the rest of your weekend- I am so very beat from he day- maybe this means it was a full day of doing and living.

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