Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weekend Sewing

I've been saying I wanted to sew some sort of jumper for Hazel,well since before she arrived in December. I did make her a small frock- but wanted to make a little sundress. Renegade was very inspiring for children's clothing and just crafts in general. I've had the dress in my head and used Amy Butler's Little Stitches to get an idea for construction, but ended up not using the pattern, well because I don't do well with patterns. Here is the finished project:

It took me about an hour to construct and sew. I took Hazey's measurements and winged it. Right now I am loving the unfinished hem, but I will probably sew & shorten it a bit. It is very much a handmade dress and very free-form- I eyeballed most of it. Sorry I didn't have the hub take any closeups. I'd love to make a more funky, vibrant one. I chose these soft fabrics to start with, just yardage I had around for a long time. Next I'll try to make my own pattern from a recycled paper bag and go from there with different fabrics. She could wear this to a spring wedding! Too bad we don't have any to attend!
Happy week- happy sewing!

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