Friday, June 19, 2009

Ode To a Man and His Magic

No, I'm not referring to Walt Disney. When I met Zach, 6 years in February- I had no idea he was really crafty- nor did I know how funny he was. I did think he was quite handsome and wanted to really never leave his side. We talked about our hopes & dreams as most young-new couples do and quickly put into motion our ideas about starting a handmade business. Named from a show we were both currently obsessed with at the time- Hobocamp has evolved into a family business.

When I look back at the short time we've both been parents- then I look at the detail Zach has put into our business and his art- it is no wonder he is such a loving papa to Hazel. Here are some of Zach's designs and handiwork. He sews,paints, screenprints, draws and he did knit (briefly- it was to make a hat that looked like armor, of course) but he helps to keep me motivated and inspired while I drive the Hobo train.

This is the original sweater card inspiration- basically a cardigan's CD Mix... he drew the cover art for me. um hello I think this is brilliant and wish Nina Persson would let him print these for their next tour!

His patience with sewing these button bag treasures- surpasses that of a saint. I have no patience for it. He is my rock and my best friend. I wouldn't want to be raising our child with anyone else (well Paul Giamatti doesn't count) But really folks through the thick of it all he comforts me,rocks our daughter to sleep and feeds the cats when I forget. Enjoy your first official Father's Day Zach- We love you!


blogzilly said...

Zach has always been someone I admire and respect, and yeah, he's damn funny as well.

I'd marry him. :)

DeeJay said...

We love our funny boys! Hazel is such a babydoll!! Have a great F day~!