Thursday, June 11, 2009

Spilling Class

I first heard of Sabrina Ward Harrison through Sark's Books. It was pretty much a super artsy crush after that.

Spilling Open was her first book. I brought it everywhere when I first acquired it- I read it so often the spine detached from the cover.
I was just amazed that someone else felt awkward in their body sometimes- and that I too could strive to make my collages as true art pieces. The way Sabrina conveys her shy feelings for lovers, excitement for her friends is just beautiful and inspiring. Not to mention the books are just gorgeous.

Brave on the Rocks is her second of the four (which you should get all of them- now!) The charcoal drawings, her photography all has a sweet sadness to it, but something that inspires. She talks about her favorite authors,music ( who some have then become my favorites) all in a journally dream scape.

So why am I writing about this, when I have mentioned her before? Well because of this:
Saturday, June 13Th. This Saturday I am going to an all-day retreat, led by Miss Sabrina Fancy pants herself! In Brooklyn, wearing comfy pants ( said requirements) I'll get to meet a person I've admired and followed for a while now. How exciting! I am hoping it is a more intimate occasion. I do know the one draw back is 6 or so hours away from Hazel,which is the longest I've ever gone. So it will be a challenge for me- pumping in a park? and for Zach- Help this kid is hungry! But it is something we both agreed is a once in a lifetime happening.Thanks Zach- I can't wait! So little windows of time today and tomorrow will be spent gathering trinkets and treasures to work with on Saturday.

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