Friday, June 12, 2009

Lazy Friday

New Cuff in the shop later today!
I can honestly say not much was accomplished today. H woke about 3-4 times last night and I'm sure her papa was passed out on the train ride in to work. I was willing the little bugger to sleep ( and it worked!) so mama got a little nap on the couch. I did manage to drop into a thrift store I've seen a million times and exit with a cloth Holly Hobbie doll for $4.00- I wiggled down from 5- which I never haggle- but did and it worked!

Some laundry was done- diapers are currently on the line- babe asleep and I have an urgent craving for hot cocoa. In the last two days we've been featured on two blogs:
First my good friend Allegra, Awesomeasaone featured her little snugly, Sunny in one of our Snuggle Bunny, sustainable t-shirts on her Awesomeasaone blog.

Then we were a part of a "Guess the Theme for Thursday" over on ,
Dorset Hill Bead's Blog. So although we were sort of lazy today, our friends were obviously not!

Tomorrow is Spilling Day! So I need to rest up for the adventure of it all. I did start getting my ribbon scraps, photos & other inspirational pieces together- now I need the comfiest and cutest of outfits... pajamas?! We'll see what the weather brings- Back on Monday with pictures to share!

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woolies said...

Don't worry, one day she'll be a teenager and you still won't sleep cause she said she'd be home at 11 - but it's now 11:01.