Sunday, June 7, 2009

Full Weekend

Saturday we saw some of Zach's family in Connecticut. I dressed Hazel in her finest vintage and a pair of shoes from Auntie Suzi. When we got home, after putting Hazel to bed- we worked feverishly. He on his book, me on my custom Scraparella. We watched a little repeat of SNL and off to bed.
This morning- we went to Renegade. Sporting our Snuggle Bunnies.


2006- Our Honeymoon to Chicago
Getting Our Shop On!
Although I got some serious inspiration and awesome vibes from the whole fair- I didn't see anything screaming to be taken home.. But we did find an awesome onesie for Hazel, our little peanut and a hysterical shirt for papa. Both from the lovely shop- Bit & Little Bit

A day filled with friends and sun, babies and handmade heaven. I am so beat. I can't believe Monday is here already. I hate Mondays!

Hope you had a full weekend and a bright Monday!

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Christopher And Tia said...

Oh my gosh she looks so cute in her dress and tights!!