Sunday, June 28, 2009

BACK By Popular Demand..

About 2 years ago in June, I joined Wardrobe Refashion. I'll admit I didn't do as well as I hoped. But now- becoming a mother as well as 1/2 of a family trying to save for a house- I think this shine s new light on being creative, thrifty and using my noggin. So with out further ado...

The Rules

1.No buying new! (handmade is excepted; So this allows for Etsy purchases etc!!) All clothing must be Recycled, Renovated, Preloved or Thrifted, or Handmade only for the term. Employment related and special needs clothing (ie sports, school), shoes and undies are excepted from the rules, although you are encouraged to have a go at making these.

2.In extreme circumstances, maybe a special event, or the worlds greatest and most amazing never to be repeated sale that you simply can not pass up, you may use the Get out of Refashionista Jail Free card. You are able to use this card once during the 2 month part of your contract; ie 1 for 2 months, 2 for 4 months etc. Of course you need to fess up on the blog and display the button!

3.You must post on the blog at least once a week to let the community know what you've been up to. This will not only give you brag points, but inspire and encorouge others! Of course you need to display the button on your blog and have copied the pledge in at least one post, and provide a link to your pledge under the button.

4.You need to be honest and admit when you've fallen off the Refashionista Wagon! Go directly to Refashionista Jail, do not pass GO and do not collect $200! Apply for parole once there.

So with that said- I've been looking at my wardrobe, Zach's and Hazel's with shiny new inventor's glasses. Here is to an inspiring day. I hope my inspiration and drive for sewing can push me up the hill of boxes and bags waiting to be moved!

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