Thursday, June 21, 2007

Alice in Wonderland & Mr. Hopskotch Hoppity LaRue

We started watching this and couldn't get over how adorable Dinah is! I had forgotten her little mews! We paused for a second then I forgot about the movie and started the dishes, when I turned around Zach and Hermione were zonked out in the bedroom. Just one of those days I guess!

Still in current dred of the inventory. It is staring at me from rubbermaid-craftypiles on our chair. Giving me evils.

Not too much to report.. today however is my father's birthday and my parent's anniversary. They've been married for 48 years!! Tomorrow we're going to their house for a pizza party.. lol I didn't think adults could have those, wait, they can? YAY Wheee!
Then Saturday we have a friend's birthday extravaganza.

On Sunday it will be our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary! Wow- I can't believe we have been married for 1 year already.. crazy! So on Sunday, June 24th we are going to zap into NYC for some fun..hoping the weather is nice. I really want to see the Alice in Wonderland statues in Central Park. Since I left my job in the city( aren't those lyrics to a Fogerty song?) I haven't been back in Central Park. A place I went to for solace almost everyday at lunch. ( the park not the statue)

Which reminds me.. I am going to start one of those lists of things I want to do... but I am going to cheat because I am going to add things I"ve already done. You know to build my own momentum.. it'll be awesome!

It is lightly raining with heavy thunder. Our basil plant is doing well as is the rhubarb and tomato plants( no tomatoes yet). The lettuce was doing so well, then the baby bunny ate all 6 stalks of it. Damn him!! Zach says it is really my own fault, the week before I gave him 2 stalks of organic lettuce that was getting a little wilty along with some carrots. The food was pretty much devoured, so I apparently gave our bunny Mr. Hopskotch Hoppity LaRue a taste for lettuce, says Zach. ( Yes, he is French)
Here are a bunch of photos I think they are silly.. me stuck in inventory hell, our kitties my scraped/cut legs from shaving you know the crazy stuff xo

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