Monday, June 18, 2007


Tonight for dinner I made mashed potatoes with organic yukon gold and spinach. We both ate really fast in order for zach to run and pick up some tee shirts for new orders and so I could go to the library. I rented an Inconvenient Truth ( because I think we were the only people who had not yet seen it) very powerful. I had seen parts of it on Oprah- but some of it was just amazing when he is discussing scientists who alter their findings or who are forced to lie.

I also rented Disney's Alice in Wonderland because I wanted some inspiration as well as Elizabeth the HBO miniseries with Helen Mirren. I've been on inventory duty for the last two days. Next weekend I'll be at the June 30th, 2007 /PROM as I am affectionatly calling it. It will be my first loner show. So if you come by and I am not at my booth I am either in a port-a-potty or on a coffee run! Zach will be at the Botcon convention- but may be able to help me set up & break down.

This morning and afternoon I worked on finishing up an apron, cutting and pinning a pair of lightweight cotton pinstriped jeans into a skirt, I made a clutch from some vintage fabric I picked up along with some imported Japanese fabric Summer had gotten me. Very Cute! I have so many items to list on etsy, but that is always my biggest pain. That's like after cooking a wonderful meal, you have a loadfull of dishes! Yikes- listing is to load fulls as sewing is to cooking/baking. Hope that makes sense.

Zach's shop, 247 Magnum is doing really well. Take a look~ My Husband's Other Store! Well I will leave you with 3 treasuries we were included in over the last 2 days- how exciting! One is a bunch of other vegheads on etsy xo, another is a fellow PROM vendor and lastly a lover of kites! Wheee

Off to bed, zach needs a ride to the train station tomorrow a 6:45- and I'm the chauffer!

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