Sunday, June 10, 2007

Weddings,To-Do Lists,Treasuries and 1 Inch Squares

At the wedding this morning there were peacocks everywhere! Males, females and babies! The babies are so adorable like little chicks so soft -looking and colored like butter.

The male showing his plumage ready to mate.. during the ceremony~ he kept backing one of the females into a corner and fluffing up it's fluffy toosh.

The happy couple! Amber & Gerry- both looking wonderful.

Zach and I pose for a photo. I usually don't remember to get into photos- but this wedding was an acception to my rule.

4 + courses of yumminess and a chocolate fountain to boot!

Last night I started cutting out my 1X1 inch squares for the swap. I feel like I might be doing it wrong. The squares seem so tiny there isn't much embellishment I can come up with, but I'll try my best tomorrow.My to-do list is growing by the day with things to do for my two friend's weddings and an upcoming show. I have a few designs floating around for new tees but I just need to actually create them. I contacted someone from Grow/Show in Piermont the other day. Possibly a consignment can be worked out. I wonder how the cuffs are doing at the Farm. We sold some a month or so ago, which was great!

Today we also have a treasury for one of our newer tees:

An NPR-based Treasury- what a Unique & Fun idea! xo

Off to craft.. or eat late-night waffles & Law & Order Wheeee!

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