Monday, June 25, 2007

hermione hiding in my bottom drawer

adam cutting his key lime birthday cake!

Zach looking handsome in his new hat!

Fabric from Purl Patchwork

Because I would rather pay money to the library for late fees I rented two more movies (actually 3)- Shattered Glass ( very interesting- but I prefer the fake Stephen Glass to the real one) - Passing Winter ( something non descript like that) with Zoey Deschanel, Will Ferrell and William Hurt- and UltraViolet. No not the Milla Jovavich movie- this one is an English Vampire show.. Which I have yet to watch. I owed sixteen dollars for Elizabeth I & Alice in Wonderland. Their hours have changed and I keep forgetting they are closed on Sundays.

Today I also grabbed the Anti- 9-5 Guide by Michelle Goodman. I am off to bed- tomorrow I have to sew labels into everything- I am so beat. Happy Sleeping!

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