Saturday, June 9, 2007

Chocolate Jackpot, Silver Shoes & Cats Who Enjoy Leaning

Hermione leans on the window like a person. She loves looking out the window, watching the birds,chipmunks and bunnies. We get so many cardinals and an occasional bluebird. My mom gave us 2 very large pillow cases for floor pillows. We folded up blankets that we don't use and stuffed them in the cases- instant pillow and a wonderful way to store unused blankies!

The $20.00 silver shoes I purchased, which were the one thing I was allowed to purchase for a wedding. I am still going strong on my Wardrobe refashion promise.*

Purely Decadent's Pomegranate ChipThe Chocolate Jackpot!

Some greens/lettuce & basil from the garden. Delicious dressing of garlic cloves sliced,olive oil,parsley & balsamic vinegar.

Not feeling so great-but still want to get thins done! I think I'll sit on the couch with a movie or possibly Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince on cd. I'm going to cut out some pieces from felt for a new line of skrts & aprons. Once I finish I'll post them here~
Enjoy the weekend!

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