Sunday, June 24, 2007

Our 1st Anniversary Eagle Vs. Shark

We took the train from Tarrytown to Central Park. There were so many people waiting to have their picture taken with Alice, I barely had time to examine the statue. There was a bride being photographed as well. The day was just beautiful, so we went down to St. Mark's place with our hearts set on the Dumpling Man. We were distracted by a hotdog joint called"good dog" that actually sold soy dogs- so we couldn't resist! I can't remember the last time I had a hotdog let alone on the street in NYC. Mine had veggie beans, sauerkraut, mustard and of course ketchup. Sooo freaking good!

After that we walked to Dumpling Man and got some veggie dumplings to go. Zach checked out they Toyshop next to the Dumpling Man and I perused GirlProps. We then made our way to Landmark Cinema on East Houston to see Eagle Vs. Shark. It was so awesomely hillarious! It is the one guy from Flight of the Conchords on HBO. I highly recommend it! I just took the Eagle Vs. Shark Quiz and I scored as a Shark- Zach as an Eagle.. go figure!

From the theater we meandered over to Purl Patchwork on Sullivan. Every square inch of fabric was amazing and I wanted it all! But I was able to get away with spending less than $20 bucks. So I'm off to bed- tomorrow we take the car to get the damaged assesed.

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